Evolution of planetary orbits

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A byproduct of numerical integrations of motion of asteroids is presented - time dependence of orbital elements for seven planets: Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uran, Neptun.

Integration time was 1 Myr, the calculation takes approximately 24.6 h of CPU time on hal.ruk.cuni.cz. Integration method bs, local relative error 1e-14. Time t = 0 accords to Julian date 2450449.5.

Evolution of for planet [ Table (51kB gzip) ]

semimajor axis a [AU] eccentricity e [] inclination i [deg]
Venus a(t) e(t) i(t)
Earth a(t) e(t) i(t)
Mars a(t) e(t) i(t)
Jupiter a(t) e(t) i(t)
Saturn a(t) e(t) i(t)
Uran a(t) e(t) i(t)
Neptun a(t) e(t) i(t)

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