Hello I'm

Yan Zhiqiang,

a fourth-year PhD student, astrophysicist. I am genuinely interested in cosmology and try to understand the universe with its building blocks - Galaxies. How do they form and evolve? Although developed a galaxy chemical evolution (GCE) model, I am not an expert on stellar evolution, supernovae, abundances of all different elements, hydrodynamical evolution of gas, N-body evolution nor merging of stars. I focus myself on testing and formulating the integrated galactic initial mass function (IGIMF) theory and implement it in galaxy models. With our preliminary programme, we use a single-zone GCE model with limited choices of stellar yields. The legacy of this study is a demonstration of the potential effect of the IGIMF theory and the "know how".



My peer reviewed publications are listed in this ADS library.


I have my undergraduate study in China and graduate studies in Europe. You are welcome to check my education background on ORCID.