Synthetic proper elements of Hildas and Trojans

(i.e., the asteroids located in the 3/2 and 1/1 mean motion resonances with Jupiter)

r32-hcm2009_follow.proper.out_mean10Myr.astdys - pseudo-proper (resonant) elements of 1534 Hildas, in a standard AstDyS format.

hilda_family.list_150 - list of the Hilda family members (at vcutoff = 150 m/s).

schubart_family.list_60 - list of the Schubart family members (at vcutoff = 60 m/s).

r32mig.pdf - a preprint describing computation of proper elements (Brož et al. 2010, in prep., see Section 2).

trojans-hcm_20100915_follow.proper.out_dfD.ana - resonant elements of 2647 L4 Trojans (even single-apparition orbits are included!), AstDyS format.

greeks-hcm_20100915_follow.proper.out_dfD.ana - resonant elements of 1496 L5 Trojans.

eurybates_family.list_50 - list of the Eurybates family members (at vcutoff = 50 m/s).

ennomos_family.list_100 - list of the Ennomos family members (at vcutoff = 100 m/s; some of them might be interlopers!).

reso2.pdf - a preprint describing computation of proper elements (Brož and Rozehnal 2010, in prep).

Miroslav Broz,, Oct 25th 2010