Orbital Evolution of Asteroid Fragments Due to Planet Gravitation and Thermal Effects
Miroslav Broz, student at Institute of Astronomy, Charles University, V Holesovickach 2, 180 00 Prague, Czech Republic, e-mail: miroslav.broz@email.cz


Theme of Diploma Thesis

Orbital evolution of asteroidal fragments due to planet gravitation and thermal effects. Usual reservoir of near Earth objects (dust particles, meteoroids, small asteroids, ...) is the main belt of asteroids. In many works from 70's and 80's there was studied the gravitational mechanism of the transfer of material from the asteroidal belt to Earth, especially the role of resonances with giant planets. We suppose in this work to take into calculations thermal effects acting on asteroidal fragments (objects with size interval 0.1 - 50 m).

The leader of this thesis is David Vokrouhlicky, e-mail: vokrouhl@mbox.cesnet.cz.

What's new / History


This is the place, where you can download the recent version of the diploma thesis text and the poster presented at IAU Coll. 173 and JENAM. One of the latest stable versions of swift_rmvsy program is also available.
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The text of the thesis is typeset by plain TeX, pictures are developed in MetaPost, graphs are produced with PGPLOT 5.2, Gnuplot 3.5 and IDL 4.0.1.


Here we present a list of computers, which are used for numerical integrations, forthcoming analysis and visualization of data. More informations on SGI Power Challenge computer is available at supercomputing centrum.

operating system architecture compilator computer(s)
Linux 2.0 (RH 5.1) Intel Pentium GNU f2c/gcc or g77 PII/300 (sirrah), PII/266, PPro/200, P/100
Irix 6.2 SGI 12×R10000/195 f77 (64 bit optimalization) HAL hal.ruk.cuni.cz
Digital UNIX V4.0D Alpha/500 f77 peiresc.obs-azur.fr
Windows 95/98/NT Intel Pentium Microsoft PowerStation 1.0, 4.0 PII/333



Miroslav Broz, miroslav.broz@email.cz, May 5th 1999