Themis family, 2:1 resonace and possible Yarkovsky-driven injection of asteroids on stable islands?

r21-2 integration: real asteroids inside 2:1 - 15 Griguas (unstable over ~10 Myr) and 19 Zhongguos (stable for 200 Myr) - integrated for 100 Myr with Yarkovsky effect (C-type thermal parameters and random orientations of spin axes).

- cmp mean a(t) and proper ("minimum" averaging due to ~400 yr fast ~0.01 AU oscillations of semimajor axis)
- maximum averaging
- discarded TP's
- ls -lR tmp/r21-2/

- (a, e) plane

2DO: compute lifetimes of individual objects and compare them with integration r21-1 without Yarkovsky. (Does thermal drag affect (un)stability of orbits inside 2:1?)

Miroslav Broz,, Mar 26th 2001