Asteroid families - resonance crossing analysis

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The detailed a(t) figures are available for surroundings of the following mean motion (or 3-body) resonances: J13/5 (3J-1S-1), J9/4, J23/10 (5J-1S-2), J11/5 (3J-2S-1) and J13/6.

The data files (*.out) contain information about (i) time of the entry into the resonance region for each test particle (the fourth column) and (ii) time, when TPs leave the resonance (the fifth column). (Zeroes mean that (i) TP did not reach the resonance or (ii) it stayed trapped for the rest of integration time.)

Number of particles crossing particular resonances (and other TPs in runs), mean and median times of arrival to the resonance and crossing:

run resonance always outside initially resonant still resonant after end crossing particles in one (preferred) direction and eout < 0.5 mean arrival and crossing time [Myr] median times [Myr]
dora-2f J13/5 82 0 3 15 13 213 15.8 212 12.3
eos-2f J11/5 79 0 3 18 13 184 18.7 216 22.3
themis-[12] J11/5 185 0 2 23 23 325 37.0 340 32.4
J13/6 159 4 1 46 45 224 46.7 233 30.9

2DO: compare the crossing times to (expected initial) analytical drifts (for each TP individually!).

Dora family - J13/5 (or 3J-1S-1?)

Eos - J9/4 and 5J-1S-2 (or J23/10?)

5J-1S-2 (or J23/10?)

Themis - J11/5 (plus 3J-2S-1?) and J13/6


Miroslav Broz,, Mar 29th 2001